CVC Japan - Virtual Talk with 500 Startups on Accelerator Programs in Japan on Monday, August 16 20:00 - 21:00 JST





イベントサマリー/Event summary
テーマ:Virtual Talk with 500 Startups on Accelerator Programs in Japan

Theme: Virtual Talk with 500 Startups on Accelerator Programs in Japan
Date: Monday, August 16 20:00 - 21:00 JST
Venue: Zoom
Language: Japanese
Registration: Please register through the event page below.
Fee: Free

Columbia Venture Community (CVC) Japan Chapterでは、CVC Japan共同代表 並びに 500 Startups日本担当ディレクターである大出氏による、500 Startupsの日本でのアクセラレータープログラムの概要、日本のスタートアップエコシステム形成の最新動向、自身の今までのキャリア形成についてお話いただくバーチャルトークを開催します。

● コロンビア大学(バーナードカレッジ&コロンビアビジネススクール)卒業前後のキャリア形成
● 愛知県(Accelerate Aichi by 500 Startups)および神戸市(500 Founder Academy in partnership with KOBE)と提携した500 Startupsの日本におけるアクセラレータプログラム
● 国や地方自治体が主導する日本のスタートアップエコシステム形成

500 Startupsについて
500 Startupsは、アーリーステージを支援する世界で最もアクティブなのベンチャーキャピタルの一つです。2010年の設立以来、500 Startupsは77カ国で2,500社以上の企業に投資してきました。また、17カ国以上に140人以上のチームメンバーがおり、500 Startupsのグローバルポートフォリオを支援しています。代表的な投資先には、Credit、Karma、Canva、Talkdesk、Intercom、GitLab、Grab、Bukalapakなどがあります。
また、500 Startupsは、政府や財団と提携して独自のアクセラレータプログラムを展開したり、企業と提携して新興企業との関係を促進したりすることで、イノベーションのエコシステムの発展を支援しています。また、教育プログラムを通じて投資家の育成も行っています。500 Startupsは、世界中で1,500社以上のスタートアップを対象に、60以上の成長プログラムやアクセラレータプログラムを実施してきました。

・本イベントはZoom Webinarで行われます。参加方法は、イベント開催日の前日までにメールにてご登録いただいた方全員にご案内いたします。
・本イベントはコロンビア大学日本同窓会(Columbia University Alumni Association of Japan)およびコロンビアビジネススクールジャパン(Columbia Business School Club of Japan)協力のもと開催いたします。


About this Event

The Japan Chapter of the Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is pleased to invite you to a virtual talk with the Co-Lead of CVC Japan and Director of Japan at 500 Startups who will share the overview of 500 Startups’ accelerator programs and the latest trends on startup ecosystem development in Japan as well as her own career development.


In this virtual talk, we will touch on the following topics:


About 500 Startups:

500 Startups is one of the most active global venture capital firms, with a mission to uplift people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship. Since its inception in 2010, 500 Startups has invested in over 2,500 companies across 77 countries. Its 140-plus team members are located in more than 15 countries to support 500 Startups' global portfolio. Notable investments include Credit Karma, Canva, Talkdesk, Intercom, GitLab, Grab and Bukalapak.


500 Startups also helps develop innovation ecosystems by partnering with governments and foundations to build tailored accelerator programs, and with corporations to facilitate relationships with startups. We also train investors through educational programs. 500 Startups has run more than 60 growth and accelerator programs for over 1,500 startups worldwide.



  • This event will be conducted in Japanese, and the English translation will NOT be provided.
  • This event will occur via Zoom Webinar. The instructions to join will be sent to all registered attendees via email a day before the event date.
  • This event will be organized in collaboration with Columbia University Alumni Association of Japan (CUAAJ) and Columbia Business School Club of Japan (CBSCJ)


Speaker & Co-Lead of CVC Japan


Ayumi Ode, Director of Japan at 500 Startups

Ayumi is Director of Japan at 500 Startups, one of the world’s most active seed stage venture capital firms and startup ecosystem builders. She leads 500 Startups’ efforts related to corporate innovation and startup ecosystem formulation in Japan.

She is also a special advisor for startup ecosystem development for the Shibuya City Government in Tokyo.

She developed strong entrepreneurial mind and skill sets through nearly 10 years of experience working directly with founder CEOs on business management both at a 40-person startup specialized in cloud services for creativity purposes as the CEO’s right hand woman and an educational and career coaching startup as its first full-time employee.

Ayumi earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Columbia University Barnard College.



Facilitator & Core Member of CVC Japan


Takayuki Nakagawa, Columbia Business School (Class of 2022)

Takayuki Nakagawa is currently studying as an MBA student in Columbia Business School’s Class of 2022. Before starting his MBA, he worked as a management consultant in A.T. Kearney’s Japan Office, advised leading organizations in a variety of engagements all over the world, focusing mainly on the healthcare industry, such as big pharma, medical appliance companies, and public agencies involved in healthcare. Mr. Nakagawa graduated from University of Tokyo and got a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science before starting his career as a consultant.



More about CVC:

Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is a network of nearly 6,000 Columbia alumni interested in all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 2006, CVC has hosted more than 480 events around the world. Today, CVC hosts multiple global programs, in-person and virtual events, and an online community for members to share resources. CVC is officially a "shared interest group" (SIG) under the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) and works closely with the University.



August 16, 2021 at 8:00pm - 9pm