November 28, 2022

Ivy all star vs Japan all star @ Dream Bowl


A few ways to enjoy the game:

1. Attend the reception on Jan 17

There will be welcoming reception for the players, coaches and professors.  Alumni representatives from Ivy schools are invited to the reception.

Please click the link for your participation. Please be aware participation per school is limited to 5 alumni per school


2. Watching event for the EVENT DAY(Jan 22, 2023 Kick off 13:00pm!)  

Let's get together at the game day to sit together in an alumni area. (Its 131 area for National Stadiaum). We reserved back stand center area for alumni. 

Price is the same as presales. Join us


3. Networking event for all ivy school around the game day. (Details TBD)

We are thinking of having networking event around the game day. 


We will keep you updated. 

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