March 25, 2018

April 1st 2018 Hanami Event by Georgetown Univ alumni club

April 1st Hanami Event/4月1日花見イベント

Georgetown University Alumni Club of Japan is organizing Hanami get together on April 1st. CBSCJ/CUAAJ is joining it.

A lot of US based schools are joining. Please join us! It is open to our friends and family! 

Event Time/Date11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (park closes at 4:30 PM), Sunday, April 1, 2018


Location: Komaba Park (not Komabano park) – please note that there is a similarly-named park nearby; we will be going to the park next to the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature.


What to bring:

  • Food & Drinks:We would greatly appreciate if you (and/or any guests you may bring) could bring along some food/drinks. We plan on providing some light refreshments, but the majority of the food/drinks will come from attendees.


  • School Flags/Banners/Clothing:If you have some sort of flag or banner, please bring it along so that others will have an easy time finding us (though the park is not that big and shouldn’t be too crowded). We also encourage you to wear school clothing!


  • Tarps: We have a couple of tarps for sitting on, but any additional ones would be greatly appreciated, especially because the ground might be muddy!


  • Trash bags:So that we can keep our area clean! Please also help with the effort!


  • Activities:Feel free to bring balls/games/etc.! For example, one group will be bringing a bean bag toss (known some places as “corn hole”) and that will definitely be making an appearance.


Families/Friends: All are welcome, and we plan to have this be a family-friendly event so that people can bring the whole family along!


RSVP is not required but it would be great if you let us know if you are planning to come. 

Contact us @ [email protected] 

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