July 21, 2015



On Monday, July 13th, a group of 20 CUAAJ members & friends (including a current Columbia College sophomore) visited EGG JAPAN (Entrepreneur Group for Growing JAPAN), a business creation platform and incubator in the heart of Tokyo.

EGG JAPAN is a business development organization created by Mitsubishi Estate, created in the year 2000 with the goal of supporting businesses being developed in the Marunouchi area. The organization provides office & conference space, business development, corporate introductions, as well as a business club community to various foreign and Japanese venture businesses, primarily assisting companies with a B2B focus. Five of their tenant companies have completed an initial public offering in Japanese stock markets, and following the success of this program EGG JAPAN is currently working to open a new space for additional companies in 2016.

We toured their business development offices as well as their "Tokyo 21c Club" and had a stimulating Q&A session discussing the past successes and future challenges for the organization, its tenants, and the Marunouchi Area as a whole. 

Event Photos:

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