February 13, 2018

Event newsletter Mr. Roland Kelts SOA1995 talked at Happy Hour

February 8 2018

CUAAJ/CBS Happy Hour with mini talk from Mr. Roland Kelts (SOA 1995)


This relatively new format for Happy Hour with a short lecture went very well, with over 30 attendees.



Roland has been introducing Japanese pop culture to the world for years (see his bio). His discussion ranged from Ultraman Taro to the typical Japanese salaryman. He also talked about how he works as a writer living in both the US and Japan. We all enjoyed our conversations with him after his lecture during the Happy Hour networking session.



Roland’s bio can be found here

He will be presenting at I house in Tokyo on Apr 24, 2018. (event details are here)

Please see attached flyer for reference. Click here


This was a very stimulating and successful evening. CUAAJ will organize more events like this in the future.



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