April 29, 2017

CUAAJ Event result : April 9, 2017, family event, Professional Basket Ball game with KJ (CC '09)

CUAAJ members joined together to have this family event on April 9 (Sun), to enjoy professional basketball game. We cheered two Columbia alumnus, KJ Matsui and Seaun Eddy who play for Tokyo Alvark. 

Alvark got an victory over Sendai 89ers and KJ got an game MVP.More than 30 alumni enjoyed the game.



CBS 96 Mr. Van Zandt generously offered his place for "after the game BBQ". 

It is so rewarding to see scholar-athletes from our alma mater do so well. Also, it was so much fun having all the different schools intermingling with one another at the BBQ, and I hope everyone enjoyed.

Here is a link to some rib-eyes grilling up with some fun banter in the background: https://youtu.be/hzeeYqPMcWA



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