June 03, 2017

July 2017 upcoming events for CUAAJ

This is the list of upcoming event for July 2017 and after
Contact us on further details: [email protected]
Visit our facebook page: Columbia University Alumni Association of Japan


CUAAJ (Columbia University Alumni Club of Japan) Event
13-Jul CUAAJ/CBSCJ Happy Hour @ Aux Bacchanales
30-Oct General Assembly and networking dinner

Other Columbia School alumni clubs' events

CBSCJ Events
13-Jul CUAAJ/CBSCJ Happy Hour @ Aux Bacchanales
17-Jul (CBSCJ admissions event) MBA Summer Festival
10-Aug CBSCJ Happy Hour
23-Aug CBS Admissions Official Information Session at Josui Kaikan 19:00-
26-Aug (CBSCJ family event) Summer Outing / Be a Drone pilot
14-Sept CBSCJ Happy Hour
23-Sept MBA Autumn Fair in Osaka on 9/23.
Week of Sept 27 WWAC (WOrldwide Alumni Club Event) Details to be informed
Week of Nov 20 or 27 Annual Dinner : Details TBD

Teachers College

30-July: TC Global day
Note: This event is open to any Columbia alumni and friends.


See the details below:

13-Jul CUAAJ/CBSCJ Happy Hour @ Aux Bacchanales:


本月はCUAAJとの共催でCUthere initiativeの一環としサマーインターンとして来日しているコロンビア大学の学生を招待し、ハッピーアワーを行うものです。

CU there, http://thelowdown.alumni.columbia.edu/cuthere

場所:オーバカナル紀尾井町:東京都千代田区紀尾井町4-1新紀尾井町ビル 1F
Intern, incoming students from Columbia University: Free

As a part of CU there initiatives, CUAAJ and CBSCJ are having casual networking event with interns from Columbia University.
Incoming students from Columia Business School are joining too.

As always this event is open to any Columbia alumni,and friends.
Bring your friends!

Date: July 13, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Place: AUX BACCHANALES (Kioicho Store)
Admission: Yen4,000.-per person for drinks and foods (Price is a little different than normal as this supports CUthere students)
Interns from Columbia: Free
Address of the venue :Shin Kioicho Bldg. 1F, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-5276-3422 / Fax. 03-5276-3501
(There is a party space in the back of the store and this is the place)

The place is very close to Hotel New Otani.

RSVP is not necessary but if you let me know your intention to participate that would be great.
I would like to get some idea on how many people are coming.

About CUthere

CU there, http://thelowdown.alumni.columbia.edu/cuthere, is new initiative that CAA (Columbia Alumni Association) starts this year.


Other Columbia School Events

Teachers College
Note: This event is open to any Columbia alumni and friends.

The details of Global TC Day 2017: Peace Education at the Base.

Come out to Fussa on Sunday, July 30 for a unique opportunity to peek inside the Yokota Air Base as you catch up with fellow TC alumni and get some PD, all in one day!


The agenda will include a plenary talk by TC Graduate and Tottori University Professor Kip Cates, a series of short research presentations and discussion by a panel of various generations of TC graduates. As we will need to enter and exit the base together, this will be a full day event from 11am to 5pm. Sign up early to get more details, and contact us with any questions at this address. [email protected]


More to come! Stay Tuned

Contact and RSVP for CUAAJ events: [email protected]
Hajime Kosai CBS 1996, VP, CUAAJ: [email protected]


Contact us to inform your school event on our mail blast and/or website 


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